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Russell Brand and Johnathon Ross

October 30, 2008

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past week wouldn’t have heard about the “uproar” that these two broadcasters caused when Russell Brand’s Radio 2 show was pre-recorded and broadcast, I believe on the 18th October.

I didn’t actually listen to the show myself, as I tend not to listen to the radio that often, but you couldn’t miss it as it was plastered all over the media.

There seems to be a huge  outrage about the schoolboy prank that they played on Andrew Sachs, they decided to leave him a few messages on his answerphone.

Okay who hasn’t played silly pranks like this themselves?

Seems the ball was dropped big time by the BBC on this one.

Come on lets face it, if I knew that a show was being pre-recorded I would let rip safely in the fact that it would be listened to and be edited if material within was found to be of an offensive nature and let the editors rap me on the knuckles and politely ask me not to do it again.

It is a real shame that those extra complaints were filed after the printed media started their usual witch hunt.

Latch on to popular figures in broadcasting, put them on a pedestal and gleefully push them off with a pugel stick when they make a mistake.

2 complaints on the night now suddenly 27,000?

I never realised that many people listened to Radio 2? If that is the case good on Russell Brand for waking people up to Radio 2.

Forcing him out like that? Shame on all of you.